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Shenzhen huatong electrical equipment Co., LTD. (formerly shenzhen old huatong industry &trade Co., LTD sacsc) founded in 1986, is in shenzhen by Shanghai huatong sacsc fostering in the production of high and low voltage switchgear up high or low voltage components, power distribution box primarily specialized electric factory, is after the reform and opening in shenzhen run earlier several switch electric one of enterprises. Shenzhen huatong inherits the Shanghai huatong sacsc of advanced technology and management experience, and highsalary invited dozens of Shanghai huatong sacsc technology, management elites, devote oneself to to make this new century of shenzhen huatong new "huatong" brand. Factory for ten years at the forefront of our reform and opening up and even the whole country - shenzhen construction professions (transportation, energy, mechanical, chemical, construction, municipal construction made significant contributions.

"Insist enterprise innovation, the pursuit of technical progress, making the first-class products" is shenzhen huatong electrical equipment Co., LTD always development purposes. In 2001 passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication, 2003 7 products through national mandatory 3C authentication. The product has repeatedly received guangdong and shenzhen technical progress prize and quality. In 2003 by the national quality inspection association awarded "national quality, service honest example enterprise" title. I more than 350 employees in the company, specialized technical personnel more than 50 people, mainly manufacture high and low voltage switchgear, below 35KV high-low pressure components, power distribution box and so on each big series products, totaling more than 100 specifications. Shenzhen huatong electrical equipment Co., LTD is shenzhen electrical industry and guangzhou province production variety are most, one of the most complete specifications of the enterprise, several successive industry in shenzhen annual sales and top, 2001, and 150 million annual output breakthrough show ascendant trend. The company now has contemporary international advanced processing equipment (cut, cut, curved equipments are Japanese armagh reaches the company and komatsu company manufacturing). Strong technical strength and scientific management, and application of computer aided design (CAD), computer-aided detection (CAT), assuring the product quality, enterprise in China enjoy reputation.

In the technology import and cooperation with Germany, my company successively, Japanese Fuji company schneider company established a cooperative relationship and their technical achievements, management experience, make enterprise introducing to product class, technical parameters constantly first breakthrough industry level.

Long-term since, our factory for metallurgy, mining, power, chemical industry, light industry, architecture, shipping port, airport provides a new generation of mechanical industry electricals, electrical equipment. Due to our factory to make fine, good quality, high technical content and reputation appliance industries. Many products gain national science and technology achievement award, for national projects, landmark buildings provide a series of high quality electric products. Reliable quality, good reputation, and make my factory was established with the masses of users is very close relations of cooperation. In the new century, our factory sincerely for the new old customer and national key project provides quality products and considerate service, to cooperate with friends of all circles to create user cooperation, and excellent projects.